Lunch & Learn Seminars

Are your employees ready to have some fun while covering a wide variety of important health topics?

Focusing on health and wellness shouldn’t be a boring event where employees feel scolded for not making healthy decisions constantly. Health Design believes wellness initiatives should be fun and welcoming, while learning a little more about staying healthy!

We offer a wide variety of Lunch & Learn Seminars, including:

Make Health Easy: Fall in Love with Taking Care of YOU
Stress Management: Opt Out of Stressing Out
Ergonomics: Aligning You for Injury Prevention
Back Safety: Help My Aching Back
Find Your Happy Bubble: Happiness is a Healthy Choice
Smoke Cessation: Successful Strategies to Kick the Habit
Getting Your Zzzz’s: The Importance of Sleep

And more!

Employees love benefits that help them improve their health and wellness; employers benefit from employees who are happier and more productive!

Customized topics available.
Video conferencing available.

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